I believe every wedding is unique and personal

My name is Franky Tsang, and I am a story teller. I am a visual person. I draw, paint, and use graphics to express what I see and how I feel.

I had my first contact with a camera, a Leica M6 when I was a kid. One of my uncles was a professional photographer, and in those days when you wanted a family portrait, you had to go to a fully set-up photography studio and have everyone sit really still. The photographer hid behind a 4×5 large format camera which looked like an accordion. I remember they coloured the black and white photos and make them look like a colour photograph. I still have one of his artworks hanging in my studio and I can show you when you drop by.

The portraiture process has changed a lot over the years. My practice is in contrast to my uncle’s, making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. The aim is to allow my clients to enjoy the process- but the images are just as beautiful.

I love telling a story – especially ones with a happy ending. I already have an inkling of your wedding album will look before shooting photographs of your wedding. When I have a hero shot, I keep an eye out for the shots that support it. When the magic is there, I will capture it. When it is not, I will help create it.

Before I became a professional photographer I worked in the graphic design field. This trained my eyes in composition and detail. I notice little things that people often overlook. I also attempt to frame the picture perfectly, meaning there will be less post production and a more natural feeling to the image.

I believe the simpler the picture it is, the longer it will last. Last but not least, a good portraitist has to have good people skills. I am good at reading people. You’ll find me flying around your guests like a bee in a garden. I hate to be bossy on your day, but sometimes you’ll appreciate my ability to herd a group photo or ensure we are running on schedule for the day and moving through locations without delays.

  • Multi award-winner in both national and international photography competitions, including WPPI, APPI, Asia WPI, Head On Portrait Prize.
  • Experienced in national Australian and international locations.
  • Produces files of quality to be printed as large, fine art prints.
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Awards and Achievements


– Headon Photo Festival Finalist

– 1 x WPPI Silver Distinction Award (Wedding Photojournalism)

– 2 x WPPI Silver Award (Portrait Individual)

– One Eyeland Photography Award – Finalist – Bronze Award (Fine Art – Portrait) 


– Group Exhibition, Australian living Cancun

– WPPI Silver Award (Creative Division – Portrait Contemporary)

– 2 x Asia WPI Excellence Award (Portrait non-wedding)

– Asia WPA Excellence Award (Portrait non-wedding)

– Asia WPA Distinction Award (Bride & Groom Together)

– One Eyeland Photography Award – Finalist (Fine Art – Portrait)


– Solo Exhibition @ ACP, Australian Center for Photography (HK Umbrella Movement)

– Feature in Canon Australia experiment – 6 Photographers Asked to Shoot Portraits of 1 Man

– WPPI Silver Award (Portrait Division – Beauty/Boudoir)


– The Sydney Morning Herald Photos1440 Challenge 2012 (Silver Award – Category Winner)

– The Creative Asia Awards 2012 (Bronze Award – Portrait Environmental)

– The Creative Asia Awards 2012 (Bronze Award – Portrait Environmental)


– Join exhibition, Couple on the Street

– LFI – Leica Fotografie Internation (M9 Master shots)

– Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize 2011 (Finalist)


– Head On Portrait Prize 2010 (Finalist, People’s Choice Winner)

– International Aperture Awards 2010 (Silver and Bronze Awards in People and Wedding catagories)

– Sydney Life – Sydney Arts and About 2011 (Finalist)

– The Epson International Pano Awards 2011 (Silver Award)

– International Loupe Awards 2011 (Bronze Awards in People and Wedding catagories)

– Canon AIPP Australian Professional PhotographyAwards 2011 (Silver and Bronze Awards in People and Wedding catagories)

– Wesley Mission’s Photographic Competition (Winner)