23 May

Connie & Michael: Wedding reception at Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf

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Connie & Michael both love the ocean and fishing. That’s why  on the day of our meeting, I suggested that instead of riding in a wedding car after the ceremony in Manly and having to struggle through the famous Sydney traffic jam; We would catch a ferry to the city. It will be better for us to take some photos then catch a water taxi and arrive right outside of Doltone House. ~Less time on the road and more time for photos.~

Ceremony: International College of Management
Reception: Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf

23 May

Bridal lookbook

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Divon Photography had the amazing opportunity to work with a talented group of models, top hair and makeup artist Martha Mok and her team, bridal store Since We Met, Panache Bridal Shoes, florist Flowers by Helen Brown and jewellery supplied by Sydney Pearl Centre.

We love collaborating and creating images. We enjoy the process where everyone can gain a fun and positive experience out of it. There was a great energy on set even though everyone was quite exhausted towards the end. We had an early start and the photoshoot basically took up the entire day.  There was a lot of planning and organising involved beforehand and it got pretty hectic on the day but it was all worth it. The results turned out incredible. We’ve created some beautiful shots together and we can’t wait to show you guys the photos; and together, we watch the magic unfold…

23 Apr

Margarita & Yang: Wedding Reception at The Grounds of Alexandria

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Yang & I have been good buddies since university. The memories of our crazy time and the fun we had together is still fresh like it just happened yesterday. Time flies like an arrow, now we both have turned into a responsible man who is serious towards life, work and commitments. Yang married the dream woman who he’s been long for. I feel so proud and happy for him.

Hey mate, I know the best wedding gift for you is to do what I’m always good at; capturing good moments at your wedding. May all these beautiful moments of you and Margarita stay sweet and fresh forever.

Best Wishes,

16 Apr

Limited sessions. This Autumn, book with us and get your photos taken in Canberra with maple leaves!

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This May, our multi-award winning photographer Franky Tsang will be in Canberra from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th.

If you’re interested in having your Family or Pre-Wedding/Engagement photos taken with Autumn leaves as your back drop then make a booking with Franky now!

There’s limited sessions so act quick! Book your session by clicking here 

If you have any questions please contact us on 9161 000 or

09 Apr

Em & Matt: The Scot College Wedding

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As a journalistic wedding photographer, my job is to capture and document moments happening on your Big Day. My wedding photography experience has given me a very good idea on all different kinds of wedding agenda, which allows me to go extra miles and focus on the most subtle, detailed things of your wedding, and make your album an unique, rich and last longing one.

Capturing the unexpected sometimes could be as hard as catching a bullet. On Em and Matt’s wedding Day, the weather was miserable. This well organized couple got everything prepared and things were happening according to their plan, until we noticed a double rainbow quietly shining through…

And here is what they wrote to us:

Thanks for such a wonderful day, Franky! We love the photos and will cherish them for many years to come. We really appreciate the way you took time to get to know us and understand what was important for us on our special day. We had such an enjoyable time with you and we were very impressed with your professionalism. We are grateful for the research you did in planning some excellent locations for our photos. You and Tiff did such a thorough job capturing every moment. You both ensured that we have a timeless record of our many friends and family celebrating our day with us. Such a joy!

Em and Matt


Main Photographer: Franky Tsang
Assistant Photographer: Tiffany Zhang

Ceremony and Reception: The Scot College –


03 Apr

Jess & Richie: Wedding ceremony & reception at Blue Mountains

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Jess & Richie met in high school. Throughout the years they’ve built their Friendship Island & Honesty Island together hand-in-hand, day by day. Today, their relationship blossomed. At the same time a new Family Island is formed. The vows, the kisses, the rings and the blessings all together became the core memory which nourishes their Love Island.

Jess & Richie, we’ve stored today’s love memories in the headquarter (our personalised USB thumb drive) for you. I wish you both joy and that love will keep nourishing your Islands and many more Newer Islands ahead in the future.

Ceremony and Reception: Loxley on Bellbird Hill

21 Mar

Jackie & Casey: Wedding and a Just married water taxi

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“Dearest Casey Bear,

In just a few hours, we will be saying our vows and be pronounced as husband and wife. It has been 3,146 days in the making of C&J. We’ve been through thick & thin and at times when it’s tough, we’ve always somehow managed to get through it. Thank you for your patience, love, hugs and cuddles. My love for you is hard to describe and show at times but I hope you know I love you very much & to the moon & beyond.

My sweet otter, baby, chunk chunk, bear bear, memory… I can’t wait to call you my hubby bear.


We also did a Same Day Edit video for them on their Big Day, here is the link to view the video –

21 Mar

For a limited time only. Don’t miss out our Easter offer this year!

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Everyone loves a photo and what better way to capture those special moments with your loved ones than with a family portrait session.

At Divon Photography, our professional staff will be able to capture all the love and emotion with your friends and family which no words can express. As the saying goes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words!

In celebration of Easter, we are offering a FREE fine art print valued up to $350 if you book a session with us before the end of Easter 2018.

Celebrate Easter with a personal touch and book with us now! Call us on 02 9161 0000 or email us at

22 Jan

Fun and Creative Wedding Exit Idea

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It’s late and it’s dark. It’s your wedding and you want to exit with a bang.

We have taken photos for hundreds if not thousand of weddings and one of our favourite moment is the wedding grand exit.

Let’s be honest, everyone loves pretty sparkles. Can you imagine what a mesmerising, picture-perfect moment it would be with all your guests holding sparklers sending you and your partner off? People absolutely love it and most importantly, everyone will have fun and you get beautiful photos taken.

Now, if you’ve decided to use sparklers for your grand exit there are a few things you must be mindful of:

  • Don’t waste your money getting sparklers from your local dollar store or supermarket. Normally they sell those traditional short ones that don’t even last for a minute. So, by the time you light up the last guest’s sparkler the first guest’s sparkler would have been burnt out.  If you’ve booked with us, we have different sizes for you to purchase, the longest can last 2-5mins.
  • This is important! Remember to check with your venue if they allow sparkler send-offs. If it’s an indoor venue, they will most likely have restrictions and not let you do it. But you can probably do it outdoor so it’s best to check first and see if there’s enough outdoor space.
  • Best advice? Don’t use matches to light the sparklers up. Have you ever taken more than 3 matches to light one up and just to see the flame go out again? Get some tealight candles placed around or even bamboo torches for the guests to light the sparklers up quickly.
  • Remember to read the instructions on how to safely use, light up and dispose the sparklers. A bucket of sand is a great method to dispose them or ask your venue if they might have a specific way of disposing them.
  • Let your guests know about it ahead of time to avoid confusions and chaos. Our advice is to prepare a big poster or chalkboard with “What”, “When” and “How” to announce to your guests what and when it’s happening and how to use the sparklers safely.
  • Don’t overbuy. You don’t have to get one sparkler for every guests attending because some of your guests will leave before the wedding exit especially the elderly and parents with kids. Purchase with us at no minimum quantity. We can supply the exact amount of sparklers you need.
  • Get someone to be in charge to gather your guests together for the grand exit. You can designate one of your bridesmaid or groomsmen or if you have a wedding planner, that’s even better, get them to assist with coordinating your exit.
  • The exit is incomplete without some awesome music. You might need speakers to play your music outdoor. If you have a DJ, give them a heads up so they can prepare extra equipment.
  • HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!  This is a perfect time for your photographer to capture amazing memorable shots.