Dymocks COVID-19 petition contact list

Hi Neighbors,

As you know, over the past week we have been meeting with Fiona Clark (commercial lawyer) to get advice and an insider view of what’s going on. Fiona’s Linkedin Profile is here https://www.linkedin.com/in/fiona-clark-4ab99b45/ and her details are at the end of this email. Using her connections she is able to get a letter out directly to Adam Searle MLC and the NSW Premier on our behalf. But this in itself is not enough. We got Fiona to quote on what it would take for her to represent all of us through this crisis.

Please express your will about the legal representative. We also want to collect some information about how the COVID-19 affects your business. So we can plan for our next letter to Dymocks Management.

We will not take any action nor commit to anything before the government announces how they are going to support us, in terms of the commercial lessees to SME. The only way we can get the best result is when we act together as a whole.

Franky Tsang
Suite 6, Level 3, Divon Photography


Fiona is proposing a 2 Stage approach:

Stage 1: fees will be in the range of $125 – $250 per tenant depending on how many of us team up. Obviously, the more tenants that join, the cheaper it is, and the stronger our bargaining power.

  • Draft letter to the leader of opposition Adam Searle MLC and NSW Premier, to put pressure on NSW government to protect tenants and pass favourable regulations
  • Check each individual lease to make sure there are no slight differences that may need to be accounted for
  • Collate tenants into different groups based on individual situations, wants and needs
  • Draft correspondence to Dymocks, which will be the legal position of each different group of tenants (may take several drafts/revisions)
  • Read and respond to correspondence from Dymocks’ legal representatives, which are likely to be one of the top tier law firms (this will go back and forth several times)
  • Make contact with, and enter into initial negotiations for the whole group (first negotiation)

Stage 2: OPTIONAL, no lock in:
After Stage 1, there is no requirement that any individual tenant continue with Fiona. If further negotiations are required and individuals want to continue negotiations, Fiona is available to act for these individuals and will cap the negotiation fee to a maximum of $1,000.00, payable by instalments. The first payment will not be due for 2 months from the date of the invoice and if anyone has problems with the instalments they can also be renegotiated.


Fiona Clark’s details:

M: 0407 567 364
E:  fiona@foxcheshire.com.au
W: http://www.foxcheshire.com.au
Suite 302, 71 Longueville Road Lane Cove NSW 2066
PO Box 1226 Lane Cove NSW 1595

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