General Questions?

Have you got a question in general for us?

Where are Team Divon based?

Team Divon is based in Sydney and are serving all of NSW. We are available for destination weddings and travel worldwide.

Which photographer will take my engagement and wedding photos?

Every wedding is unique and different, and every couple might look for different styles and vibe. After you meet with us, we will assign the right photographer to suit you the best. You can also request one of our photographer, however some photographer do required to photograph a wedding with a printed album included.

Can we have a shorter day coverage?

Yes, all our photography coverage is based on number of hours. Usually for in-season Saturdays we require minimum 8 hours of paid coverage. If you think you need less reach out to us and tell us more about your wedding.

Do you do destination weddings? Are there any additional fees?

We love destination weddings. Fees depends on the destination and number of days. To compensate for the additional travel expenses, we often include rehearsal dinner and post-wedding session. Tell us more about your destination wedding and we will do our best to provide the best value with our custom collection.

Does your studio provide videography services?

Yes, we have 3 teams of videographers and all our videography including highlights and long edit for you.

Have you shot at my venue before?

We have photograph many wedding venues and romantic locations in Sydney since 2008. We look forward to new venues and locations, they always trigger our creativity.

Does your studio photograph boudoir photography?

Yes, let us know if you want to have boudoir photography on your wedding day or to have a studio session before your wedding.

Does your studio photograph headshots, portraits or corporate events?

Yes, we do.

What is your photography style?

Divon style is timeless, classic, and intimate because we value sentimentality, and we believe that the sentimental is priceless. We want you to enjoy your wedding photographs for many years and generations without thinking that those photos are so “fadulous

Is there a quality difference between photographers?

There are not quality difference between our team, we have slightly different style because we are all artists, but we all deliver the same quality of work.

Can I see an example of a full wedding day captured?

The images you see on our website and social media are just small snippets from the wedding day. We have had the honour of photographing many different types of weddings with different traditions that have range from nil to over 500 guests. We highly recommend asking to see a full day of coverage with the photographer you will be meeting with to get a better feel of our work.

Our ceremony venue does not allow flash photography and has some strict rules. How will you make that work?

We are here to capture the special moments for you. When it comes to being in a religious place, we are super respectful with the rules and wishes of that venue. Our cameras are top of the line that can photograph and perform well in low light situations. Also, if there is minimal walking allowed in that space, we recommend getting two photographers to make sure you are covered from both angles.

Our venue is dark and moody. How do you photograph in a space like that?

We have photographed in some very dark and moody venue and we loving it! We come equipped with our own lighting and are prepared for it all! We will keep the mood of the place in our photos and we will just make sure you are lit properly and beautifully. We don’t want to transform a darker venue into an all-bright-place.