Wedding Day Questions?

All about your wedding day

Will you help us to plan our wedding day schedule?

We will listen to all your wants and needs at our initial meeting, we can give you suggestions and ideas for your wedding day schedule to make it unique and special.

How many hours should we book for our wedding day?

It really depends on your wedding. We offer variety of options. Our most popular option is 12 hours, it will cover most of the weddings from getting ready to the exit of the reception. The minimum for most weekends is 8 hrs. We have photographed weddings days with over 16 hours in one day.

Do you recommend one or two photographers for our wedding day coverage?

For majority of the weddings we recommend two photographers. Two photographers provide better coverage especially when they are activities in separate locations, for example getting ready in the morning. It also give you different angles from the day.

What is a first look? Do you recommend that we have that on our wedding?

A first look is seeing your other half before you walk down the aisle. Believe us from personal experience, this is one of the most emotional moments (besides walking down the aisle) you will experience. This is also the only time you will have alone on your wedding day. Having a first look allows us to have more time and opportunity to photograph and capture those dramatic portraits you hired us for. Depending on your timeline, it may be better to go with the first look option. This is something we can discuss in the meeting.

What happens if we need additional hours of coverage on our wedding day?

Additional hours can be added to any collection you picked.

Do we need to get you food on the wedding day?

We are not very demanding but eventually we do need to eat to go through the day. We recommend that during reception we eat in the same room as all other guests in case something is happening and we need to quickly grab our cameras to photograph. Also, we recommend we are served food when everyone is eating, again, not to miss any reception activities.

What happen if it is raining on my wedding day?

Weather is something we cannot control, so stop worrying. As long as you have a wet weather plan set up before hand. Trust me, rain give your photos more moods and its lucky to get marry under the rain!

Will you be using drone for video?

Yes, our video team always carry our drone with us, however we might not be able to use it due to some location have restrictions for drone usage.