Why choose a professional photographer for your family session?

Divon Photography Family and Maternity session

When a house burns down or is destroyed by some other sort of disaster, what do people most regret losing? The things that people tend to say they miss the most are the family photos.

We live in a time where we seem to run on busy. Life is full of busy schedules, never-ending to-do-lists, and loads of laundry. With all of that busy-ness, it can be hard to have the time for taking photos and documenting all of the milestones. The years start slipping, and before you know it, you are holding your first grand kid and wondering where all the time went.

Divon Photography Family and Maternity session

Have you ever lost a loved one? Have you ever begun to have trouble remembering the features of their face? Have you ever thumbed through an album and seen photos of them and had those memories flood back as if they never left?

Family photography solves life’s fleeting existence. While we cannot keep our loved ones alive forever, we can keep their presence alive. Family photos preserve connections, history and belonging. It allows us to hold onto a small part of someone we love who is gone.

Divon Photography Family and Maternity session

As a mum, you are almost always super busy holding down the fort, right? It seems there are always lunches to be packed, clothes to be washed, outings to plan.

Unfortunately, because mums are generally the ones doing all the “things”, they are also the ones taking the majority of the pictures. Having a ton of photographs of your kids is great! You will love looking at them and reminiscing, but since mum is almost always taking the pictures, it means she isn’t in very many of them.

As a mum you want to teach all of your children to love themselves, but in our society, it is especially important to teach your daughter that you love yourself. Every time you cringe at the sight of a camera pointed in your direction or run to hide from the flash, you are showing your daughter that you don’t consider yourself worthy of being in the photo. You are showing your children that you don’t think of yourself as beautiful. Is that really the lesson you want to be teaching them?

Divon Photography Family and Maternity session

In the modern era, we may take more photographs than ever before, but we tend to store them on our smart phones. While you may have thousands of photos of your child being adorable, your child won’t see them very often. They seem to disappear into the cyber world. When you hire a professional photographer and get your family photographs to display on your walls, and your child sees his or her face proudly displayed on the wall of your home, it shows the child that they are important. It boosts their self-esteem to see that you consider them special enough to have a place of honor on your walls for all of the visitors of the home to see. They see how they are treasured. There is nothing that boost self confidence as much as knowing how loved they are.

Divon Photography Family and Maternity session

A family photo session solves the problem that busy families struggle with everyday. We need to stop time just for a moment, as our kids seem to grow before our eyes.

Whether it’s your tiny new born baby, curled up in your arms so vulnerable and innocent. Your adventurous toddler taking their first tentative steps, your primary schooler with their bruised legs and missing teeth, or your grown-up teenager in their final year of school.

Family photos are fantastic memories that let you relieve every single stage of your child’s development.

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Our session fee for studio family or maternity is $280, this includes the photography session and $100 credit towards products from your session.

Our studio is located in the heart of the city at the histrionical Dymocks Building. We offer a range of products including hand made albums from Italy, fine-art and matted prints. Contact us for more detail and price list or book a family session with us!


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