How to decide on a wedding photographer

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Franky Tsang working on  a wedding
When Franky, our award winning wedding photographer working closely with his bride on her wedding day.
Choosing the right photographer is not an easy task. You will be overwhelmed on the day and you will not remember a thing. How you remember it will depend on us, how we capture it for you.
I guess here is a list of questions you can think about.
– Is their work appealing to you?
Try to look at the highlights from the same wedding rather than the best pictures from years of work.
– Not only their website, but also check out their social media 
How long do they deliver the images for you, do they provide sneak peeks photos after the wedding?
At Divon, we will post your sneak peak around 1-2 weeks after your wedding, check out our FB page and IG!
– Check out their wedding album sample
Maybe you are looking for digital files only. But by checking their albums, you will know if the photographer understands the most important part, how he/she tells a story using stills through an album. Also if a photographer understands prints, more likely the soft copies you get from them will look better when you print it yourself.
Divon only uses Italian made leather albums. Come to our studio and you can feel and touch the quality of our albums. Also you will see how Franky unfolds your story using pictures.
– Do they have a studio or work from their backyard?
There is nothing wrong working from their backyard. But for the established professional, they will prefer to have a proper studio where they can work, show their work and meet with you. More likely the backyard guys will have their main focus on their full-time job then your wedding photos.
Divon is located on the 3rd floor of Dymocks Building, on George street. Famous wedding building in Sydney CBD.
– Are you clicking with the photographer?
Do you want someone who is fun and loud, stirring the pot when it is quiet? Or you just want someone to be there and hide in the corner? Or do you want both?
– How experienced is your photographer?
Practice makes perfect! Do you trust someone just got their pro gears but dont know whats going to happen next on your day? Or you want someone to lead you guys through on the day.
All senior photographers at Divon are over 10 years of wedding photography experience.
– Check out their Easy Wedding reviews and Google Reviews.
You are paying a lot of money for something that has not happened yet, how do past brides and grooms think of us is a true indication of what you will get from us. Make sure you read the reviews in detail!
We have over 50+ five stars reviews, everyone is happy with our works and services.
– Have you got a wedding planner? If not, will your photographer help you to plan for the day?
We control most of the day for you, we make sure they flow smoothly.
Personally I have helped over 1000 couples to plan their wedding day, I will make sure your day is personal and unique. Because no weddings are the same!

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