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Melanie came to Australia from the UK and met James while she was traveling here. Their first date was on
Connie & Michael both love the ocean and fishing. That’s why  on the day of our meeting, I suggested that
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At Divon, we believe each wedding is unique and have their own story to tell. Therefore it's so important for
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This is a love story about a policewoman and a fireman. She told me she can’t get her eyes off
Yang & I have been good buddies since university. The memories of our crazy time and the fun we had
As a journalistic wedding photographer, my job is to capture and document moments happening on your Big Day. My wedding photography
Jess & Richie met in high school. Throughout the years they’ve built their Friendship Island & Honesty Island together hand-in-hand, day
"Dearest Casey Bear, In just a few hours, we will be saying our vows and be pronounced as husband and
In March 2015, we were proud to be invited by The Wedding Club to offer an exclusive underwater photography session
In Sydney, there are times when we have to overcome a period of terrible stormy days and you might have
Hi, I’m Kenwood Chef, an out of the market old blender, I don’t only blend food, I bond love as
I asked Daryl to give me more information on the Hot Rod he rode on his Big Day, this is
As I photographed their engagement party a few months before their wedding, it was great to see many familiar faces
Corrian and Jarrett are both amateur racer, to them, perhaps nothing is more enjoyable than drifting on the racetrack with
In 2015, I was invited by Canon Australia to attend a photography event enlisted with 6 photographers, each of us was independently
Vicki and David’s wedding took place at Oatlands House under a fabulous, warm sunny day during the winter in August.
Including Divon Photography for your special wedding day doesn’t necessary mean you have to pick a full day package. If
With just 5 guests and a celebrant on Whale Beach over the sunrise, Monica and John’s wedding is one of
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman! When we saw the Bat Mobile arrive at Andrew’s house, we were
Laura and Brendan aren’t traditional wedding couple who expect their wedding experience to be set and organized by the standard
Sara & Jose’s wedding ceremony was held in an old winery in Catherine Field. The winery had a very old
Every wedding is personal and unique. For wedding ceremony, it can be held anywhere like the beach, at the garden,
Sendy and Alan are a pair of young Chinese couple who were born and brought up in Australia, yet, they
I love doing small weddings because it gives me the space to be more creative in photography. Meanwhile, I can also
A destination wedding in Fiji! The day before the wedding, we had shot some family photos taken at the bride