What Happened in Vegas will Bring on in Sydney

After the promise we made you on Facebook from the WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International Competition 2019, “What Happened in Vegas we will Bring to Sydney”, we have received so many emails from engaged couples requesting us to do their Pre-wedding and Wedding Day Photos. The support is overwhelming, big thanks to all of you!

It has been a busy season for us and we have finally cleared up most of our wedding consultations and are looking forward to some amazing Autumn and Winter weddings in the next couple of months. If you still have not contacted us for your wedding consultation, do it soon!

Now, please allow us to throw back the beautiful moment when our superstar photographer Franky, jumped up to the stage excitedly at WPPI for the big trophy with super high spirits! Let’s congratulate him once again on beating some pretty tough competition and taking such a brilliant image!

We look forward to taking care of all of your photography needs and capturing your big day.

We have after hours consultations also, but by appointment only.

Lots of Love,
Team Divon