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23 Jun

Wedding during COVID-19 lock down – Pier One Sydney

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Melanie came to Australia from the UK and met James while she was traveling here. Their first date was on 22 June, a cold winter night. Mel will never understand why James could wear a pair of thongs to his first date (well mate, it’s a Aussie thing! lol). They spent some good time at a cafe and did some shopping….at Woolies, doesn’t sound like an excited first date but definitely a solid date that turned their life into a meaningful new chapter.

Their wedding was meant to be held at the Pier One Sydney in November this year, because of the COVID lock down, Mel worried that her friends and families couldn’t travel from UK, so she decided to break their wedding ceremony and reception into 2 days, wedding ceremony on their anniversary date and reception next year when the border opens.

We had photographed many weddings at Pier One but this is the first time we photograph Ocean Room without any wedding settings, decorations or guests but just the wedding essentials – Bride & Groom, their beloved dog, a celebrant, 2 witnesses and groom’s mum.

We are expecting this kind of “New Normal” form of wedding is what most future brides and grooms will adapt, and we are prepared to fine tune our photography services to fits their needs. Indeed, Mel and James’s wedding has inspired us with new concepts on our wedding album layout and design!

We can’t wait to photograph the second part of Mel and James’s wedding day in 2021. Fingers crossed it’s going to be a better year!

08 Jun

Connie & Michael: Wedding reception at Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf

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Connie & Michael both love the ocean and fishing. That’s why  on the day of our meeting, I suggested that instead of riding in a wedding car after the ceremony in Manly and having to struggle through the famous Sydney traffic jam; We would catch a ferry to the city. It will be better for us to take some photos then catch a water taxi and arrive right outside of Doltone House. ~Less time on the road and more time for photos.~

Ceremony: International College of Management
Reception: Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf

28 May

Megumi & Masatora: Wedding at Shangri-la Hotel, Sydney

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At Divon, we believe each wedding is unique and have their own story to tell. Therefore it’s so important for us to be able to sit down and chat with our clients, not only so we get to know each other but to exceed expectations.

When our photographer Franky first met Megumi-san, as usual, he asked many questions to get to know her and get a idea of the rundown of the wedding. Franky always try to come up with great and weird ideas to make each wedding more personal and special. Masatora-san and Franky worked out together to create a surprise for Megumi-san. Masatora prepared a set of jewellery as a surprise for Megumi on the day when she was getting ready. Look through the photos for the moments that Franky captured when Megumi received the gift!

This wasn’t the end of the surprises. Our clients and ourselves, love the Same-Day-Edit (SDE) show. To make their wedding even more special, Franky picked up a very important detail during their meeting- ohh our groom-to-be didn’t propose to our bride-to-be (yet)! As another surprise, our groom recorded himself proposing to our bride which was included in their SDE and everybody absolutely loved it!

When there’s magic, we capture it. When there’s none, we create it ~

28 May

Amanda & Tim: Wedding at MonaVale Headland & Moby Dicks, Whale Beach

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This is a love story about a policewoman and a fireman.

She told me she can’t get her eyes off him at the crime scene when they first met.

She told me when he walk over to her and asked her about something, her mind was blank, and she had forgotten what he asked.

She told me when he asked for her phone number, there was a loud voice inside her yelling  “YEA!!” in the prospect about business.


He fell in love with her almost at the first sight.

His heart was pounding like a drum when he asked her number, although there is no need from the business side.

He made up his mind after that night, he wanted this policewoman!

p.s. I almost got him to get the fire engine out on the wedding day.

And this is what they wrote to us:

We’ll never be able to say enough great things about you! Thank you Franky (+ the crew) for everything you did for our special day!
You guys certainly did not miss a moment, & just made it so easy for us all to feel comfortable – by the end of the night you felt more like our guests! We were very lucky to have such a great photographer!

Amanda & Tim

23 Apr

Margarita & Yang: Wedding Reception at The Grounds of Alexandria

Yang & I have been good buddies since university. The memories of our crazy time and the fun we had together is still fresh like it just happened yesterday. Time flies like an arrow, now we both have turned into a responsible man who is serious towards life, work and commitments. Yang married the dream woman who he’s been long for. I feel so proud and happy for him.

Hey mate, I know the best wedding gift for you is to do what I’m always good at; capturing good moments at your wedding. May all these beautiful moments of you and Margarita stay sweet and fresh forever.

Best Wishes,

09 Apr

Em & Matt: The Scot College Wedding

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As a journalistic wedding photographer, my job is to capture and document moments happening on your Big Day. My wedding photography experience has given me a very good idea on all different kinds of wedding agenda, which allows me to go extra miles and focus on the most subtle, detailed things of your wedding, and make your album an unique, rich and last longing one.

Capturing the unexpected sometimes could be as hard as catching a bullet. On Em and Matt’s wedding Day, the weather was miserable. This well organized couple got everything prepared and things were happening according to their plan, until we noticed a double rainbow quietly shining through…

And here is what they wrote to us:

Thanks for such a wonderful day, Franky! We love the photos and will cherish them for many years to come. We really appreciate the way you took time to get to know us and understand what was important for us on our special day. We had such an enjoyable time with you and we were very impressed with your professionalism. We are grateful for the research you did in planning some excellent locations for our photos. You and Tiff did such a thorough job capturing every moment. You both ensured that we have a timeless record of our many friends and family celebrating our day with us. Such a joy!

Em and Matt


Main Photographer: Franky Tsang
Assistant Photographer: Tiffany Zhang

Ceremony and Reception: The Scot College –


03 Apr

Jess & Richie: Wedding ceremony & reception at Blue Mountains

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Jess & Richie met in high school. Throughout the years they’ve built their Friendship Island & Honesty Island together hand-in-hand, day by day. Today, their relationship blossomed. At the same time a new Family Island is formed. The vows, the kisses, the rings and the blessings all together became the core memory which nourishes their Love Island.

Jess & Richie, we’ve stored today’s love memories in the headquarter (our personalised USB thumb drive) for you. I wish you both joy and that love will keep nourishing your Islands and many more Newer Islands ahead in the future.

Ceremony and Reception: Loxley on Bellbird Hill

21 Mar

Jackie & Casey: Wedding and a Just married water taxi

“Dearest Casey Bear,

In just a few hours, we will be saying our vows and be pronounced as husband and wife. It has been 3,146 days in the making of C&J. We’ve been through thick & thin and at times when it’s tough, we’ve always somehow managed to get through it. Thank you for your patience, love, hugs and cuddles. My love for you is hard to describe and show at times but I hope you know I love you very much & to the moon & beyond.

My sweet otter, baby, chunk chunk, bear bear, memory… I can’t wait to call you my hubby bear.


We also did a Same Day Edit video for them on their Big Day, here is the link to view the video –

02 Jan

Jules & Tim: Luckiest Wedding

In March 2015, we were proud to be invited by The Wedding Club to offer an exclusive underwater photography session for one pair of winning couple from their competition. Among a hundred of entries, Jules and Tim was the luckiest couple who won the prize and may I dare to say they truly deserve it!

Before the prize was announced by The Wedding Club, Jules and Tim have already confirmed us as their photography team on their wedding day, regardless of winning the prize or not. I was thrilled by how much they love my work and the trust we have built throughout the consultation.

Jules and Tim finished both Ceremony and traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony under a beautiful clear blue sky. This was a sign of a good beginning and their luck carried on to their reception , as well as the underwater trash the dress session in Summer.

20 Dec

Kylea & James: Wedding on a rainy day

In Sydney, there are times when we have to overcome a period of terrible stormy days and you might have thought such miserable weather would have ruined allot of romantic wedding plan. However, I believe you will change your perception after going through Kylea & James’s wedding day features.

In every consultation with my clients, I always put Plan B on the agenda to make sure no unexpectable weather will stop me from documenting the real moments of their wedding day. Im glad we’d prepared well for all kinds of weather, so no dramas happened on Kylea & James wedding day. To my surprise, the rainy moment didn’t killed the happiness of the wedding couple and the guest, but it added an indescribable emotions in everyone’s faces that a sunny day can never created.

At the end of the wedding, despite the cold and wet condition, we got out in the rain and captured some “in the rain shoots”, which is also one of my favourite shoot of the day.

18 Dec

Debbie & Darren: Wedding in Sydney, Circular Quay

Hi, I’m Kenwood Chef, an out of the market old blender, I don’t only blend food, I bond love as well. Please take a few seconds to read me story before jumping to see Debbie & Darren’s photos!

I think you might all agree, all blenders has a master to serve, with no exceptions, perhaps a few different masters in my lifetime. My first master was Debbie’s mother, a lovely lady who I always wish to stay loyal to, she never gave me any hard time, which I like her the most.

My drifting and non-traceable life began when Debbie’s mum passed me over to Debbie. Debbie wanted my life to be more meaningful, so, very soon she found me the third master, and my third master sold me to my fourth master, a nice English gentlemen called Darren.

Darren and I were good buddies, we always cook together. I guess every blenders has their old time and master to think of, I’ve thought of Debbie and her mum too. One evening, something out of the blue happened, Darren and Debbie together in the kitchen?! No way! I thought they were total stranger! Since when they have fallen in love with each other?

That moment when Debbie and I looked into each other, she was shocked! “Is that my mixer? Mum has been asking me for it! She wanted it back!” she asked Darren. Well, I guess it’s all meant to be. I then found out that Debbie’s mother was asking Debbie to return me home if Debbie is not needed my services anymore. But everything was too late, I was sold to someone non traceable. I guess someone up there is looking after me, he somehow let Debbie and Darren meet over something call internet, and they fall in love with each other.

Today is their Big Day, I’m dressed nicely with a bow and a hat that Debbie got me. Gratefully, I’m back to my first master, Debbie’s mum.

11 Dec

Roz & Daryl: Sunset Wedding Ceremony

I asked Daryl to give me more information on the Hot Rod he rode on his Big Day, this is what he come back….

“Hey buddy that sounds awesome. The hot rod is a ford t bucket custom built from ground up running a 383 stroker chev with a 671 blower 2 speed power glide and a 9 inch diff.”

Okie, I had no idea what he was trying to tell me but I still can remember how loud, how fast and how much smoke that beast was bringing out with the tyre burning. I knew one thing for sure, it is powerful!

Their ceremony was at Narellan, which is close to Camden. Their reception was at Panorama House, Bulli Tops. It’s over 50kms away and we looked for different placse for the sunset shot on the way. Roz found this place call St Marys Retreat and it was stunning. When we arrived the sun wass already setting and we had to run to the spot before the final light fell off. Too bad we only had such a short time to photograph there, but I am sure I will be back another day to explore more of it.