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28 May

— Link:  How to decide on a wedding photographer

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Franky Tsang working on  a wedding
When Franky, our award winning wedding photographer working closely with his bride on her wedding day.
Choosing the right photographer is not an easy task. You will be overwhelmed on the day and you will not remember a thing. How you remember it will depend on us, how we capture it for you.
I guess here is a list of questions you can think about.
– Is their work appealing to you?
Try to look at the highlights from the same wedding rather than the best pictures from years of work.
– Not only their website, but also check out their social media 
How long do they deliver the images for you, do they provide sneak peeks photos after the wedding?
At Divon, we will post your sneak peak around 1-2 weeks after your wedding, check out our FB page and IG!
– Check out their wedding album sample
Maybe you are looking for digital files only. But by checking their albums, you will know if the photographer understands the most important part, how he/she tells a story using stills through an album. Also if a photographer understands prints, more likely the soft copies you get from them will look better when you print it yourself.
Divon only uses Italian made leather albums. Come to our studio and you can feel and touch the quality of our albums. Also you will see how Franky unfolds your story using pictures.
– Do they have a studio or work from their backyard?
There is nothing wrong working from their backyard. But for the established professional, they will prefer to have a proper studio where they can work, show their work and meet with you. More likely the backyard guys will have their main focus on their full-time job then your wedding photos.
Divon is located on the 3rd floor of Dymocks Building, on George street. Famous wedding building in Sydney CBD.
– Are you clicking with the photographer?
Do you want someone who is fun and loud, stirring the pot when it is quiet? Or you just want someone to be there and hide in the corner? Or do you want both?
– How experienced is your photographer?
Practice makes perfect! Do you trust someone just got their pro gears but dont know whats going to happen next on your day? Or you want someone to lead you guys through on the day.
All senior photographers at Divon are over 10 years of wedding photography experience.
– Check out their Easy Wedding reviews and Google Reviews.
You are paying a lot of money for something that has not happened yet, how do past brides and grooms think of us is a true indication of what you will get from us. Make sure you read the reviews in detail!
We have over 50+ five stars reviews, everyone is happy with our works and services.
– Have you got a wedding planner? If not, will your photographer help you to plan for the day?
We control most of the day for you, we make sure they flow smoothly.
Personally I have helped over 1000 couples to plan their wedding day, I will make sure your day is personal and unique. Because no weddings are the same!

er this year, Allure Bridal presented a Disney-inspired collection of wedding gowns. Inspired by the iconic Disney heroines and their dresses, The Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection has dropped, including 16 styles. The prices range from US $1,200 to $10,000, while the sizes come in 0 to 30.

Which one is your style?

08 Jun

Franky Tsang came first at WPPI print competition 2019

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Congratulations on your engagement! This is such a wonderful time as a couple and it is so important to capture each moment.

After the promise we made you on Facebook from the WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International Competition 2019, “What Happened in Vegas we will Bring to Sydney”, we have received so many emails from engaged couples requesting us to do their Pre-wedding and Wedding Day Photos. The support is overwhelming, big thanks to all of you!

It has been a busy season for us and we have finally cleared up most of our wedding consultations and are looking forward to some amazing Autumn and Winter weddings in the next couple of months. If you still have not contacted us for your wedding consultation, do it soon!

Now, please allow us to throw back the beautiful moment when our superstar photographer Franky, jumped up to the stage excitedly at WPPI for the big trophy with super high spirits! Let’s congratulate him once again on beating some pretty tough competition and taking such a brilliant image!

We look forward to taking care of all of your photography needs and capturing your big day.

We have after hours consultations also, but by appointment only.

Lots of Love,
Team Divon

08 Jun

Divon Photography X Multi-Award Winning HMUA Martha Mok and D’makeupstation team

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Divon Photography is excited to introduce D’makeupstation latest bridal beauty looks. The mastermind artist Martha Mok and her team, D’makeupstation signature natural bridal makeup style and creative hairstyling are committed to creating the wedding wow factor for you.

Team Divon had the amazing opportunity to work with not only top hair and makeup artist Martha Mok and her team, but also a talented group of models, bridal store Since We Met, Panache Bridal Shoes, florist Flowers by Helen Brown and jewellery supplied by Sydney Pearls.

We love collaborating and creating images and we enjoy the process where everyone can gain a fun and positive experience out of it.  A lot of planning and organising involved beforehand but it’s always worth it and the results turned out incredible – we’ve created some beautiful shots together!

Makeup: Martha Mok and D’makeupstation
Dress: Since We Met
Accessories: Sydney Pearls
Shoes: Panache Bridal Shoes
Florist: Flowers by Helen Brown
Accessories: Sydney Pearls

23 May

Bridal lookbook

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Divon Photography had the amazing opportunity to work with a talented group of models, top hair and makeup artist Martha Mok and her team, bridal store Since We Met, Panache Bridal Shoes, florist Flowers by Helen Brown and jewellery supplied by Sydney Pearl Centre.

We love collaborating and creating images. We enjoy the process where everyone can gain a fun and positive experience out of it. There was a great energy on set even though everyone was quite exhausted towards the end. We had an early start and the photoshoot basically took up the entire day.  There was a lot of planning and organising involved beforehand and it got pretty hectic on the day but it was all worth it. The results turned out incredible. We’ve created some beautiful shots together and we can’t wait to show you guys the photos; and together, we watch the magic unfold…

16 Apr

Limited sessions. This Autumn, book with us and get your photos taken in Canberra with maple leaves!

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This May, our multi-award winning photographer Franky Tsang will be in Canberra from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th.

If you’re interested in having your Family or Pre-Wedding/Engagement photos taken with Autumn leaves as your back drop then make a booking with Franky now!

There’s limited sessions so act quick! Book your session by clicking here 

If you have any questions please contact us on 9161 000 or

21 Mar

For a limited time only. Don’t miss out our Easter offer this year!

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Everyone loves a photo and what better way to capture those special moments with your loved ones than with a family portrait session.

At Divon Photography, our professional staff will be able to capture all the love and emotion with your friends and family which no words can express. As the saying goes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words!

In celebration of Easter, we are offering a FREE fine art print valued up to $350 if you book a session with us before the end of Easter 2018.

Celebrate Easter with a personal touch and book with us now! Call us on 02 9161 0000 or email us at

22 Jan

Fun and Creative Wedding Exit Idea

It’s late and it’s dark. It’s your wedding and you want to exit with a bang.

We have taken photos for hundreds if not thousand of weddings and one of our favourite moment is the wedding grand exit.

Let’s be honest, everyone loves pretty sparkles. Can you imagine what a mesmerising, picture-perfect moment it would be with all your guests holding sparklers sending you and your partner off? People absolutely love it and most importantly, everyone will have fun and you get beautiful photos taken.

Now, if you’ve decided to use sparklers for your grand exit there are a few things you must be mindful of:

  • Don’t waste your money getting sparklers from your local dollar store or supermarket. Normally they sell those traditional short ones that don’t even last for a minute. So, by the time you light up the last guest’s sparkler the first guest’s sparkler would have been burnt out.
  • This is important! Remember to check with your venue if they allow sparkler send-offs. If it’s an indoor venue, they will most likely have restrictions and not let you do it. But you can probably do it outdoor so it’s best to check first and see if there’s enough outdoor space.
  • Best advice? Don’t use matches to light the sparklers up. Have you ever taken more than 3 matches to light one up and just to see the flame go out again? Get some tealight candles placed around or even bamboo torches for the guests to light the sparklers up quickly.
  • Remember to read the instructions on how to safely use, light up and dispose the sparklers. A bucket of sand is a great method to dispose them or ask your venue if they might have a specific way of disposing them.
  • Let your guests know about it ahead of time to avoid confusions and chaos. Our advice is to prepare a big poster or chalkboard with “What”, “When” and “How” to announce to your guests what and when it’s happening and how to use the sparklers safely.
  • Don’t overbuy. You don’t have to get one sparkler for every guests attending because some of your guests will leave before the wedding exit especially the elderly and parents with kids.
  • Get someone to be in charge to gather your guests together for the grand exit. You can designate one of your bridesmaid or groomsmen or if you have a wedding planner, that’s even better, get them to assist with coordinating your exit.
  • The exit is incomplete without some awesome music. You might need speakers to play your music outdoor. If you have a DJ, give them a heads up so they can prepare extra equipment.
  • HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!  This is a perfect time for us to capture amazing memorable shots for you.
15 Nov

Australia says yes to legalise Same-Sex Marriage!

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We are all so happy to hear that we’re finally paving the way for its legalisation in Parliament. We have been fighting so hard for equal rights to get marry. We believe every individual should be able to love and marry who they want and not be discriminated. At Divon Photography we recognise Same-Sex Marriage and are proud to be Same-Sex Marriage Wedding photographers. We have photographed Same-Sex couple weddings overseas. We hope that Sydney will be filled with more love in the air and weddings to celebrate.

28 Oct

Divon Photography opened at The Dymocks Building – The Wedding building in Sydney CBD

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In the past 2 weeks since the opening at Dymocks Building, also known as the Wedding Building, we’ve already had some corporate headshots done and met servals lovely bride and groom to be! We’re very thankful and glad to say that things are going as smooth as we’ve hoped!

To all newly engaged couples, getting married in 2018 and looking for a reliable and award winning photographer, who surely captures every moment of your wedding you wish to keep for a lifetime?

Call us or inbox us to make a free appointment now! We assure our photographer Franky will personally sit down with you face to face, listen to your love story, build rapport with you and understand what you need on your Big Day in order to tailor-made a wedding album that’s special and unique to you!

Besides Wedding photography, our services includes:

Family portraits
Corporate Headshot
Commercial products

Our studio is not only a place where we do our photography works and meet our clients, it is also a gallery exhibiting Franky’s award winning photos and personal artworks too! Anyone is welcome to visit! Feel free to drop by between Monday to Friday 10:30am – 4:30pm.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon!

20 Oct

Divon new studio opening night

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Yes! Our studio has finished!

Finally, after months and months of hard work. Our new studio has opened.

We now nest at 3.06 The Dymocks Building, 428 George Street, Sydney.

Here are some photos from the night and please come to visit us if you around the city.