Fun and Creative Wedding Exit Ideas

Fun and Creative Wedding Exit Ideas

It’s late and it’s dark. It’s your wedding and you want to exit with a bang.

We have taken photos for hundreds, if not thousands of weddings and one of our favourite moments is the wedding grand exit.

Let’s be honest, everyone loves pretty sparkles. Can you imagine what a mesmerising, picture-perfect moment it would be with all your guests holding sparklers sending you and your partner off? People absolutely love it, and most importantly, everyone will have fun, and you’ll get beautiful photos taken.

Here are some dos and don’ts for your sparkler send-off:


  • Buy sparklers from a reputable source to ensure they last for at least a minute. Avoid buying short ones from dollar stores or supermarkets.
  • Check with your venue if sparkler send-offs are allowed, especially if it’s an indoor venue. Outdoor venues will have more space for the send-off.
  • Use tealight candles or bamboo torches to light the sparklers quickly and avoid using matches.
  • Read the instructions on how to safely use, light up, and dispose of the sparklers.
  • Prepare a big poster or chalkboard with “What”, “When”, and “How” to inform your guests ahead of time about the send-off and how to use the sparklers safely.
  • Buy enough sparklers for the guests, but don’t overbuy. Not all guests will stay until the end of the reception.
  • Designate someone to gather the guests for the send-off, such as a bridesmaid, groomsman, or wedding planner.
  • Have awesome music playing for the send-off, and inform your DJ to prepare extra equipment for an outdoor setting.


  • Buy short sparklers that won’t last for at least a minute.
  • Use matches to light up the sparklers as they take too long to light up and could go out before the guests have lit theirs.
  • Assume that sparkler send-offs are allowed without checking with the venue first.
  • Dispose of the sparklers improperly without checking the instructions or with the venue staff.
  • Forget to inform your guests about the sparkler send-off ahead of time, which could cause confusion and chaos.
  • Overbuy sparklers for every guest attending the wedding.
  • Assume that the guests will gather themselves without someone coordinating the send-off.
  • Forget to have music playing to complete the magical send-off atmosphere.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the moment! This is a perfect time for us to capture amazing and memorable shots for you.