Yoyo & Darren: Destination Wedding in Rome and Venice, Italy

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I love doing small weddings because it gives me the space to be more creative in photography. Meanwhile, I can also focus on capturing the intimate moments of the bride and groom rather than doing too many standard shoots like group photos which is unavoidable in big weddings.

I did an eight guests beach wedding before which I thought was the most intimate wedding ever. But then, Darren came to me and told me about his romantic overseas wedding which he would invite no guests, only the bride and groom, plus me and a make-up artist.

Yoyo & Darren started their wedding journey at Rome. “To enjoy the moment of being with each other” was the whole point of their journey, sometimes it was not a good idea to stay too close and boss them around for photos, so my approach was taking a step back and capture some candid shoots.

Venice was a destination where they decided to do shoots with their wedding suit and wedding dress. One of the most challenging part of doing engagement shoot in such a sophisticated tourist location was finding good spots and right angles that can avoid distractions or tourists in the photo. Im very happy that most of shoots in Venice are amazingly stunning!

This wedding trip was a huge surprise to Yoyo because she thought it was only a pre-wedding trip. While they were cursing on the gondola inside the channels of Venice, a celebrant, a musician and a singer who Darren had secretly arranged showed up; Darren kneeled down and made a formal proposal to Yoyo. A simple but beautiful ceremony was held immediately on the boat and they signed the paper alongside the river with romantic songs sang and played by the musician.

The last day of my job ended at an island called Murano, which is famous for its brightly coloured houses. We went there for more causal shoots before I had to catch 20+ hours flight back to Sydney. It was a very tiring trip, but also an enjoyable one.

This is what they wrote to me after

Darren and I would like to express our gratefulness for having Franky as our wedding photographer in Italy.

Franky is truly a talented photographer; we wanted a documentary style, casual photography that was not posed but rather candid. He somehow managed to navigate his way around us without us barely realizing, making some of our favourite pictures which all look so effortless and natural. He made us feel at ease and captured so many wonderful moments without being intrusive.

The photos are astonishingly amazing and all the moments were captured in the most spectacular way, we are incredibly happy with everything. Seeing them every now and then has brought back so many great memories of our trip. Not only were the pictures being fabulous but he is also such a lovely presence to have around.

Thank you for his professionalism throughout our wedding trip and we really appreciate everything he has done and made the experience so stress-free and enjoyable. We feel so lucky that he was available for us in rather short notice and couldn’t have wished for more.

The perfect photographer makes a perfect day! Truthfully recommending him for all special occasions.