Steph & Trent: Garden Ceremony at Loxley on Bellbird Hill, Blue Mountains

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In 2015, I was invited by Canon Australia to attend a photography event enlisted with 6 photographers, each of us was independently assigned to shoot portraits of a self-made millionaire, a lifesaver, an ex-inmate, a commercial fisherman, former alcoholic, and a self-proclaimed psychic. I was asked to photograph Michael, someone who has saved a life. Everyone agrees that lifesavers relate to “hope”, “happiness” and “future”, so I had created a portrait of him in a way that could bring out more of his characters.

At the end of the session when each of our portraits were printed out, we were surprised all the 6 different background were actually played by Michael who is no one mentioned above but an actor!

This event (now I should call it “an experiment”!) was filmed and published on YouTube, the video has gone viral, different point of views were posted from audience around the world and people are amazed how a perspective of photographers can affect the way they construct a photo.

“A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what’s in front of it” —— Canon Australia

Outside the experiment lab, I can prove the above statement as true. For Steph & Trent’s Big Day, I’m not going to reveal the background of them before you see their photos but to let you pick up the clues that I’ve created behind the camera.