Jackie & Casey: Wedding and a Just married water taxi

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“Dearest Casey Bear,

In just a few hours, we will be saying our vows and be pronounced as husband and wife. It has been 3,146 days in the making of C&J. We’ve been through thick & thin and at times when it’s tough, we’ve always somehow managed to get through it. Thank you for your patience, love, hugs and cuddles. My love for you is hard to describe and show at times but I hope you know I love you very much & to the moon & beyond.

My sweet otter, baby, chunk chunk, bear bear, memory… I can’t wait to call you my hubby bear.


We also did a Same Day Edit video for them on their Big Day, here is the link to view the video – http://www.beani.com.au/jackie-casey-same-day-edit/