Wedding during COVID-19 lock down – Pier One Sydney

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Melanie came to Australia from the UK and met James while she was traveling here. Their first date was on 22 June, a cold winter night. Mel will never understand why James could wear a pair of thongs to his first date (well mate, it’s a Aussie thing! lol). They spent some good time at a cafe and did some shopping….at Woolies, doesn’t sound like an excited first date but definitely a solid date that turned their life into a meaningful new chapter.

Their wedding was meant to be held at the Pier One Sydney in November this year, because of the COVID lock down, Mel worried that her friends and families couldn’t travel from UK, so she decided to break their wedding ceremony and reception into 2 days, wedding ceremony on their anniversary date and reception next year when the border opens.

We had photographed many weddings at Pier One but this is the first time we photograph Ocean Room without any wedding settings, decorations or guests but just the wedding essentials – Bride & Groom, their beloved dog, a celebrant, 2 witnesses and groom’s mum.

We are expecting this kind of “New Normal” form of wedding is what most future brides and grooms will adapt, and we are prepared to fine tune our photography services to fits their needs. Indeed, Mel and James’s wedding has inspired us with new concepts on our wedding album layout and design!

We can’t wait to photograph the second part of Mel and James’s wedding day in 2021. Fingers crossed it’s going to be a better year!