Kat & Louie: St John the Beloved and Reception at Waterview in Bicentennial Park

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As I photographed their engagement party a few months before their wedding, it was great to see many familiar faces once again.

Weddings days can be famously busy, and on this one, a small accident occurred while the bride was getting ready at her house which had the potential to make the day less celebratory. While standing too close to a tea light candle, the flower girl, Alicia’s (she likes to be called Princess though!) long hair caught on fire. Always keeping an eye out for unexpected moments that might result in an incredible picture, I was the first to see. I ran to her and extinguished the fire with my hands before she even noticed that she was alight. Happily, it ended up that only some of her hair got burnt and she did not suffer any injury at all.

Sometimes as a photographer you are faced with the tough question: when is it my role to observe and when is it my role to intervene? On this day it was an easy choice – and she repaid the favour but looking wonderfully pretty for my camera throughout the day.