Corrian & Jarrett: Wedding at Riverside Oaks with an Owl and a Wedding Race Car

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Corrian and Jarrett are both amateur racer, to them, perhaps nothing is more enjoyable than drifting on the racetrack with their own-built Holden car.

On their wedding day, Corrian chose her father’s race car, Ford Statesman Caprice, as her wedding car. This beautiful car not only shined throughout the day, it also lightened up Corrian and Jarrett’s wedding. Corrian also brought along a pair of old driving gloves that her father used to wear, she treats it as a connection between her and her father, and I can see that it is a gift which can give her peace and strength.

Assigning an owl as the ring bearer was the touch of the something a bit different for a Big Day. Such a great idea from Corrian and Jarrett to surprise everyone at the ceremony! Definitely a highlight that guests will always keep in their memories!