Debbie & Darren: Wedding in Sydney, Circular Quay

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Hi, I’m Kenwood Chef, an out of the market old blender, I don’t only blend food, I bond love as well. Please take a few seconds to read me story before jumping to see Debbie & Darren’s photos!

I think you might all agree, all blenders has a master to serve, with no exceptions, perhaps a few different masters in my lifetime. My first master was Debbie’s mother, a lovely lady who I always wish to stay loyal to, she never gave me any hard time, which I like her the most.

My drifting and non-traceable life began when Debbie’s mum passed me over to Debbie. Debbie wanted my life to be more meaningful, so, very soon she found me the third master, and my third master sold me to my fourth master, a nice English gentlemen called Darren.

Darren and I were good buddies, we always cook together. I guess every blenders has their old time and master to think of, I’ve thought of Debbie and her mum too. One evening, something out of the blue happened, Darren and Debbie together in the kitchen?! No way! I thought they were total stranger! Since when they have fallen in love with each other?

That moment when Debbie and I looked into each other, she was shocked! “Is that my mixer? Mum has been asking me for it! She wanted it back!” she asked Darren. Well, I guess it’s all meant to be. I then found out that Debbie’s mother was asking Debbie to return me home if Debbie is not needed my services anymore. But everything was too late, I was sold to someone non traceable. I guess someone up there is looking after me, he somehow let Debbie and Darren meet over something call internet, and they fall in love with each other.

Today is their Big Day, I’m dressed nicely with a bow and a hat that Debbie got me. Gratefully, I’m back to my first master, Debbie’s mum.