Kylea & James: Wedding on a rainy day

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In Sydney, there are times when we have to overcome a period of terrible stormy days and you might have thought such miserable weather would have ruined allot of romantic wedding plan. However, I believe you will change your perception after going through Kylea & James’s wedding day features.

In every consultation with my clients, I always put Plan B on the agenda to make sure no unexpectable weather will stop me from documenting the real moments of their wedding day. Im glad we’d prepared well for all kinds of weather, so no dramas happened on Kylea & James wedding day. To my surprise, the rainy moment didn’t killed the happiness of the wedding couple and the guest, but it added an indescribable emotions in everyone’s faces that a sunny day can never created.

At the end of the wedding, despite the cold and wet condition, we got out in the rain and captured some “in the rain shoots”, which is also one of my favourite shoot of the day.